Two ex-ministers facing embezzlement charges

Lucy Molinar

614Views 2Comments Posted 11/12/2018

Lucy Molinar the former Minister of Education, and the former Minister of Public Works, Federico Suárez have been called to trial for embezzlement in the purchase of dehydrated food through the now-dismantled National Assistance Program (PAN).

Criminal proceedings were also initiated against the former head of Nutrition Purchases of the Ministry of Education, Ángel Famiglietti, and businessman Rubén De Icaza, for ideological falsification.

The decision to call the four to trial follows an appeal to the Second Superior Court after, the Fifteenth Criminal Court, dismissed the case in 2015.

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Ramona Rhoades

And does it continue under Varela to some extent??

Last year
Chilly B

Was there anyone that was on the up and up during the Martinelli presidency? I am convinced that every politician during his era found a way to steal money from the government, either through bribery or embezzlement. Meanwhile, the public education system is a disaster.

Last year
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