Trump Tower managers get pink slips from Ministry

Marching orders delivered

938Views 1Comments Posted 28/02/2018

THE TRUMP organization got another setback in its battle with the new owner of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Panama when at least nine managers got their marching orders from the Ministry Ocean, of Labor Development (Mitradel).

The administrative action came  on Wednesday, February 28, in the midst of a legal struggle between the former administration of the hotel and the Trump Organization, which despite not being the owner of the structure, is striving to maintain part of the administration.

The situation has generated a legal struggle between the administration and the new owner leading to  a series of legal appeals currently before Panama courts.

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The best thing to do is dump Trump, change the name of the building and carry on. <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a>

3 years ago
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