Top official of RM resigns – “Panama heading to dictatorship”

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Felix Moulanier, the national political coordinator of Realizando Metas (RM), has warned the population "not to be fooled", since in the hands of this group the country would become "another dictatorship", and many of its supporters are forced to protest in the streets, in exchange for nominations to an elected position in May 2024.

RM is chaired by its founder former President Ricardo Martinelli.

In a letter addressed to Martinelli Moulanier announced his "irrevocable resignation" from the position of national political coordinator as of June 16.

“I have been the victim of all kinds of pressure from people close to the party president [Martinelli] to the point of messing with my family, only for me to give up my aspirations and keep quiet about many of the actions that threaten democracy itself. , objectives and purposes for which we founded our political party”, said the note.

Moulanier warns that with RM there will be a 'dictatorship' and that the membership is forced to protest in the streets

He added that he received precise instructions to communicate to the leaders of the entire country that, by enrolling in RM, they would have opportunities to participate in the primary elections for all positions, without "any discrimination."

"Today it has been shown that everything has been part of a deception by freezing some positions by preventing humble people like me from running for a popularly elected position, giving priority to cronyism and deputies with a very bad reputation.”

RM would nominate some of the 15 deputies from the Cambio Democrático (CD) party who are part of the faction of Deputy Yanibel Ábrego.

In the letter, Moulanier says that those who lead the party "have deceived their bases" and "have shown that they want to come to power to satisfy their electoral appetites.

"I ask the members of my collective and the Panamanian people not to be fooled, I know the monsters from the inside and I know them very well and I am convinced that in their hands Panama would become another dictatorship, their desire for power to getting revenge on your political adversaries is greater than you think, very dark days would come for Panama and for Panamanian justice..

Moulanier says that 15 years ago he dreamed of meeting Ricardo Martinelli. He followed him, defended him, and helped him in everything.

"Today I have had the opportunity to get to know him up close and he is not the man that people think he is, and the only reason for his candidacy is to solve his own problems and the needs of the people do not matter, The campaign is based on groundless disruptive proposals to continue putting pressure on the Panamanian justice system,” he argued.

Finally, he says that he holds Martinelli and those close to him responsible for anything that happens to him, as well as his family and work team.