Supreme Court declares TE Martinelli ruling unconstitutional

1,217Views 0Comments Posted 11/08/2022


Panama’s Supreme Court has declared  “unconstitutional” the resolution of March 22, 2022, issued by the Electoral Court (TE) that ordered to maintain the electoral criminal jurisdiction of former President Ricardo Martinelli within the process for alleged money laundering related to the purchase of Panama America (Epasa) through the company New Business.

During an ordinary session of the Plenary Session of the Court on Thursday, August 11, and under the presentation of Judge María Eugenia López, the Plenary Session of the Court declared unconstitutional the ruling of the TE that revoked a ruling of the Second Administrative Electoral Court that had decided to lift the electoral penal jurisdiction to Martinelli, after a request presented by the judge third liquidator of criminal cases, Baloisa Marquínez.

The ruling had the favorable vote of six of the nine magistrates that make up the Plenary of the Court, while another three cast a save vote.

The lawsuit was filed by the lawyer Héctor Herrera, on his own behalf, alleging that the TE magistrates had exceeded their functions.