Sunday lockdown ends, beaches reopen

1,602Views 16Comments Posted 22/10/2020

After prodding by President  Nito Cortizo, Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre,  has announced, that Sunday quarantine will end and   Panama beaches and spas, will reopen starting this weekend. 

The  11 pm -5 am curfew will remain in place every day.

Access  to the beaches has been banned since March, due to the pandemic. 

The reopening will be governed by certain regulations, including that people stay within their "family bubble", which should not have more than seven individuals. Family means people living together not distant relatives.

No walks will be allowed. The sale of alcoholic beverages, food and the presence of street vendors is prohibited.  And there will  be no entry by  buses or other mass transportation

If a family takes r food, they can only consume it inside their bubble. and, between each bubble there must be a distance of at least four meters.

Places that have restaurants and inns may serve the public, complying with all sanitary measures, and must have the respective permits

Access  will be  6:00 am to 4:00 pm

"Visitors must respect all the biosafety regulations, they can only be without masks while they stay inside their family bubble or when using the spa. Once they break that bubble and go to a social area or have to share with other people, they should wear their masks, "Sucre said