Still no trace of missing Dutch tourists

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TWO YOUNG Dutch women who went missing last week in Boquete did not appear to expect to be gone for very long, says the owner of the hostel where they were staying.

"They had no plans to go hiking to Volcán Baru or to another place far from here," said Miriam Guerra, the owner of the hostel.

Lisanne Froon, 22, and Kris Kremers, 21, have been missing for a week. Most of their belongings are still in the room at the hostel.
"All of their things are there except a backpack," said Guerra, who opened her hostel six years ago.
She said the two women ate breakfast on April 1 and then left for the day, leaving even their wallets.
They were discovered missing when a tour guide they had hired for a trip Wednesday arrived at the hostel. That's when Guerra discovered they had not returned reports La Prensa.
The search for the two women has covered some 25 trails in and around Boquete, including ones in Volcán Baru, one of the most popular destinations for hikers.
"There has not been any trace of the women " said Elmer Quintero, a spokesman for civil defense agency Sinaproc, which is organizing search and rescue activities.
A helicopter is being used to search the area and to contact indigenous communities with information about the women.
Guerra described the women as "very quiet and respectful." She said they ate with her Monday evening and then she left them breakfast Tuesday morning before she went to work.
She again made them breakfast Wednesday, assuming they were in their room, sleeping. Instead, they were gone, prompting the search which so far has yielded no results.

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