Spying trial: Panama needs “moral reparation”

WITNESSES - Stonley Motta and Sánchez Cárdenas

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Prominent  Panama businessman Stanley Motta was the first witness to take the stand in the wiretapping and embezzlement trial of former president Ricardo Martinelli on Thursday, July 4.

During his appearance before the trial court he acknowledged two emails. One sent by his cousin Felipe Motta was related to the labeling of alcoholic beverages that was imposed during the Martinelli administration (2009-2014). The other was sent by Luis Mouynes, manager of TVN Media, about the departure of communicator Fernando Correa from the television station and the closure of the program La Última Hora 

"I feel that I have fulfilled my duty to be a witness in this trial," said Motta, when he finished his testimony. "The two emails they showed me did not have much impact," he  told the media.

PRD  leader Sánchez Cárdenas, was next up and said:  "my communications were used in a way that I still cannot explain."

They were banal and trivial conversations, which were related to family issues. They  were recorded and heard by several people in the Presidency of that time he said.

"I feel a little depressed by this situation, in politics you should not use this type of methods."

He said  that he expects justice to be done for the good of the country. "Not to hurt anyone, but  the country needs that moral reparation," said Sánchez Cárdenas.



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