Social distancing  and ailenceon Panama subway and buses

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Panama Metro and Mi Bus have implemented a series of measures to reduce the risks of contagion of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in trains, stations,  and buses.

On the trains, , they have marked seats so that users do not occupy them so they maintain a distance of at least a meter.  from other travelers

They also urge users to keep a distance of two meters between people when waiting for the train on the platform. They should do the same when standing  in the wagons.

"As a preventive measure, we recommend that all users remain silent during their journey in the Metro to minimize the risk of contagion says the transport service,

Meanwhile, the Mi Bus reported a series of measures that will be applied inside the buses so that passengers keep their distance.

For example, the two seats behind the driver are disabled. While the rest of the seats will be used in an interleaved way, so that there is one empty row between each user.

Users will not be able to use the posts that are marked (with a red cross). Green circular signs have been placed on each of the buses, indicating  places where passengers  can stand


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