Smaller stores cutting into supermarket sales

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PANAMANIAN shoppers are increasingly turning to corner stores or mini-supermarkets for food and drinks, according to a recent study of consumer spending.

The smaller outfits offer advantages like being closer to home, and sometimes extending credit up to 15 days. Large chain retailers claim that these stores engage in unfair practices, such as not complying with price controls and failing to follow tax regulations.

Some $6 billion was spent in chain supermarkets, mini-supermarkets and drugstores on food and beverage in 2015, according to the survey.

The market barometer shows that last year there were approximately 266 supermarkets and 862 drugstores in the country while there were 11,770 mini-supermarkets.

Consumers spent $3.4 billion at the smaller stories, which represents 56.2 percent of the total market.

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Rey does a horrible job of posting their current prices. They stop putting prices on the product years ago and the price listed on the shelf is often wrong but that doesn't mean they change the sales price at the register. If you really want to know what something cost at Rey, take to a scanner located at the end of some of their aisle. That is the price that will be charged at the register.

3 years ago

The large markets also change prices at the register. A recent example at El Rey--charged for red cabbage but the item was lettuce. Another charge for the pullman loaf of their brand bread when in reality it was the small loaf.There have been times when I complained about the over charge and I have taken the clerk back to the shelf and pointed out the price posted on the shelf.

3 years ago
Richard Charron

And they also support mom and pop versus the Martinellis of the world.

3 years ago
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