Sick man” Martinelli breakfasted over spy reports - witness

Joaquín Vasquez,

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The espionage structure directly affected not only opposition politicians but also journalists, businessmen, lawyers and judges who were victims of the violation of their privacy, according to the Public Ministry(MP) prosecutors as they rolled out the 13th witness in the spying trial of Ricardo Martinelli on Wednesday, June 26.

Everything was through devices bought with money from the State, with which they had access to personal information of those affected without judicial authorization says the MP

Prosecutor Aurelio Vásquez said: "we are not talking about political issues anymore, we are talking about a journalist (Rubén Polanco) and many more people are coming, who will detail what happened, lawyers even, so they are the ones that should definitely be heard and that is where the court has to assess who is telling the truth. "

Joaquín Vasquez, a PRD politician referring to Martinelli said: “"this man is a sick man, who had breakfast every day reading telephone espionage".

He said  "we saw that intimate conversations of us, the PRD leadership, appeared in glosses, appeared in gossip, then we presumed that they were spying on us, we presumed that they planted microphones in cars, in homes, in offices, our emails intervened, and cell phones.

"No one can be above the law and against the one who breaks the law, there must be certainty of punishment, if you do not sentence the guilty you create a failed state of anarchy," he stressed.

 "Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal has to assume the consequences of the human rights violations that were committed under his government," he maintained.



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