Second Metro interruption in a week

Optimists waited fpr resumtion of service

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Metro Line 1ne 1 of the Panama Metro suffered its second rush hour dislocation in a week on Thursday morning  September 26. The second in a week.

While  some people initially decided to remain inside the wagons waiting for the restoration of service thousands more exited the system to seek other means of transport to get to work. The optimistic travelers were forced to follow them as stations were closed.

According to the Panama Metro, the hold up was due to problems with a train in the Vía Argentina area.

After 9:00 am, the Metro informed, through its Twitter account, that it had a partial service on line 1, between Santo Tomás-Albrook (both directions) and Fernández de Córdoba-San Isidro ( both ways ). The stations without service are: Vía Argentina and Iglesia del Carmen.

According to the Metro, a  train at Via Argentina had a brake system failure and was moved to the workshop area. 

After the failure, the Metro de Panamá SA, announced that they have demanded that the company Alstom, manufacturer of the trains, make a comprehensive review of the pneumatic system and brakes of the line 1 train fleet


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