School dropouts entering the ranks of oblivion

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Just over 9 thousand students have been counted as dropouts from school classrooms during 2023. The reasons, undoubtedly, may vary in each case, but a good part of these dropouts may be due to economic reasons since thousands of households continue to be impacted by the economic situation of the country. The decision not to return to school is difficult, knowing that in doing so there are dreams that will fade; that there will be young people who will lose opportunities for a job and a decent life, and who, in many cases, will suffer poverty. It is a challenge for the educational system to keep young people in schools and colleges. And we must not forget that the future of the country depends on the training of its young people, something that is also going through difficult times, not only because of the poor quality of education but also because among those who are receiving classes, almost 84 thousand have repeated the year, they were failed or had to make up classes to avoid academic failure. But the worst thing is the desertion because they are young people who give up their future to attend to the present. Those are the ones who need the help of the Government, but unfortunately, that is not what happens, on the contrary, they enter the ranks of oblivion. LA PRENSA Mar. 3.