Rescue of education task for 2022 – business chamber

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The rescue of education is one of the pending tasks facing Panama in 2022 says the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (Cciap).

The  chamber’s president  Jose Ramón Icaza said  Sunday that without the rescue "all efforts in terms of sustainable development, health and even institutions, will be in vain."

The business leader emphasized that democracy is not viable without a citizenry with tools that "make it free." Therefore, it is imperative that students and teachers return safely to the classrooms on March 7.

In addition to the return, it is important that "State policies" achieve the modernization of education, to which "we must all attend in a committed and visionary way."

Social Security time bomb
While working on this task, which “cannot be postponed”, Icaza said that urgent attention should be given to the issue of social security, especially the Disability, Old Age and Death program, “a threatening time bomb

"We are optimistic that the incorporation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) into the Dialogue for the Social Security Fund will help achieve these objectives," he added.

Icaza refers to the fact that the members of the Dialogue for the Social Security Fund requested that the ILO carry out an audit of the Disability, Old Age, and Death program, which would be ready in mid-2022, and then negotiations would be resumed.

On the other hand, Icaza also took advantage of its weekly message to state that it is necessary to achieve the reactivation of the various production fronts during the year that begins.

"With equal priority, it is necessary to move from expectations to concrete facts that allow tourism to become a factor of progress for the entire country," he emphasized.