Quashing 18 money laundering cases appealed

Judge Leslie Loaiza

752Views 0Comments Posted 13/07/2019

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office will appeal a Friday, July 12  decision of Judge Leslie Loaiza, to dismiss 18  cases  against   people accused of money laundering to the detriment of the National Assistance  Program (PAN)

.According to the judge, the crime could not be proven through the audit provided by the prosecution.

Previously, Loaiza validated a penalty agreement - 60 months in prison - with former PAN director Rafael Guardia Jaén.

Loaiza also pronounced on Friday, in another case of the PAN: the purchase of tires. He imposed a six-year prison sentence on Charles Sadat Bonilla, as a primary accomplice, and four years in prison to Edwin Serracín and Ana Victoria Andrión Mejía, for embezzlement and corruption of public servants.


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