Public Ministry lawyer asked for $10,000 to speed rent payment

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A Public Ministry MP) official, and lawyer.r Edwin Manuel Campos,39, who was arrested on Monday, June 25, appeared in court On Tuesday  to face corruption charges. He has been fired and has to report once a month.

Campos, worked in the MP  Department of Public Procurement

and was denounced by the owner of some commercial premises in  Las Tablas, housing the MP  offices.

According to the complaint, the former official had asked the owner of the premises, for $10,000 to expedite the payment for the overdue rent which was three months late.

Instead of paying the owner of the premises filed a complaint.

 Leaving the court, Campos, 39, said that he is innocent reports TVN.

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May I ask where 1 would go to file A Corruption complaint? Thank You!! Billy

3 months ago
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