Provinces join national outcry

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With flags, pails, and banners, the Coclesanos joined the national demonstration that took place on the on Tuesday,, to demand an end to corruption and greater transparency in the discussion of electoral reforms.

Jeremías Guillén, a young Coclesian, said that what is wanted is a transparent process where everyone has equal opportunities, because "young people want to participate but with justice and respect, which is how the country can move forward."

Aristides Hazan said that Panama “does not deserve the treatment that politicians give us and that is why it is necessary to demonstrate and denounce corruption and that there are conditions of social, political and economic equality, that is why it is time to go out and fight for the democracy".

Flying the Panamanian flag, members of the civil society of the Herrera province also peacefully protested in the Parque La Bandera de Chitré to reject, among other things, the changes made by the deputies to the electoral reform project.

“A united people will never be defeated! Benicio, corrupt, this country is not yours; Crispiano, residue, you are a bandit! What are you looking at? They are also robbing you, ”the protesters chanted.

Beating pots and carrying banners, the complainants received the support of the drivers who passed through the area.

Eulalia Villalaz Cedeño said that the peaceful protest sought to show the government that "it has to completely and radically stop because they are leading the country to collapse."

Villalaz questioned the actions of the National Assembly in the discussion of the Electoral Code.

"This is a disaster. Imagine that prison inmates are allowed to contribute to politics. If this is the case, we would be handing the country over to drug traffickers, ”he said.

Chitrean businessman Roberto Alfedro Solis said that the Panamanian people have to react because the "country is close to falling into the abyss in health, education and other sectors of the economy."


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HAHAHA, Panama is already in the hands of the drug traffickers. If you'll think back, it got that way immediately after cannabis was made illegal and the war on drugs began. Those laws created the flow of huge amounts of black market money, into the pockets of those who made the laws. And just maybe, the people trying to get out of poverty by cashing in on some of that money, would have voted to use it for education, small business development, or ecological preservation, instead. Now you want to refuse them the vote because of a drug conviction, and hand the ruling of the country over to the really big drug dealers, who made and control the laws streaming unlimited amounts of drug money into their own pockets. That is not a smart, or well-thought-out plan, and certainly will not correct the rot of corruption in this country. The only answer is to decriminalize, eliminate the black market, and cut off the flow of money to police and politicians.

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George Klk

Panama: Criminals... No, no, no... Criminal Elites - Front Men Operators. Criminals of the high-class, worthy of $1000 bottles of wines to successful criminal victories of well performed services well into the future! Criminals with highly connected unconstitutional advisors with... Martinelli's pardon pact released prisoners with promises of greater riches and galore. Only... a slight setback with the Italian head banker Ferrugia [mansion] headquarters operation! You know, Italian honor thing before the... Panamanians and Italy! One day, the newly elected / re-instated former president Trump takes back power from... United States president Biden and has his Name-Only-Hotel money laundering business operation with the U.S. / Russia - Cuba / China / Panama financial empire scheme with a brand new Panama Canal Expansion... imagine the possibilities! The Trump / Russian / China / Italian resort islands off the shore of Panama with no legal repercussion what-so-ever... more depleted State funds for back packs and helicopters! Panama president Cortizo... has his... [Unconstitutional advisors / Untouchables... UNITY Party... Executive allowance/$MILLIONS... Cattle/ Manure profits from China and... riot police at the ready to take aim if necessary]. Cortizo Cohen just needs to make a few minor changes with his friends at the... Panama National Assembly to change the voting bill in favor of more of those friends from the Martinelli pardon released... prisoners and their... butt infested weapons. Crimes continue with drug contraband but... Panama does catch a few, a hundred maybe... on a good year when there is mutual cooperation with the global community. 800 arrest and not one... not one mention of arrest from Panama! Imagine that... ALL... under Panama President Cortizo Cohen's watch! Panama truly is a Paradise for the corrupt... elite... rich!

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