Protestors return to the streets

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Despite the rain, hundreds of protestors returned to the streets on Thursday to protest changes made to bill 544 on electoral reforms, the actions of deputies of the National Assembly, and corruption in the three branches of the State.

They were mostly dressed in white following the path of the civilistas during the Noriega dictatorship “No to narco politics”, “not everything legal is moral; no to the double application ”,“ we do not lack resources; we have plenty of thieves ”, read some of the banners carried by the protesters stationed in front of the National Assembly.

For the most part, the crowd was dressed in white and waving Panamanian flags. Songs like Patria, by Rubén Blades, and Speak, people, speak, sounded from some speakers, an anthem that identified the civilistas who fought against the military dictatorship.

It was the second "citizen watch" convened so far in September

Among the slogans, complaints about the opacity in the handling of the legislative lists, the inflated budget, and the possible political proselytism with public funds also came to light.

One of the protesters was retired General Rubén Darío Paredes, who said that the situation in the country worries him. "I consider that the country is kidnapped by the political class ... a group of 500 people have kidnapped us," he said.

In his opinion, President Laurentino Cortizo "is aware of what is happening and is part of the national imbalance." He hopes that the president will "react" and that the majority of the people will take to the streets to demand their rights. He described the current administration as "very poor" and added that the modifications to the electoral reforms show that the political class seeks to "perpetuate itself or remain in power."



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We can only hope the current unrest builds and a Civilista type uprising will throw the bums out. Not likely with the cowed down panas..if they have seco and salsa and a modicum of freedom, Panamá will continue its downward slide into a narco-cleptocracy.

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George Klk

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George Klk

Panama: Yanibel Abrego and her 28 deputies... $51000 per month salary! Yanibel Abrego was mentioned as having done this for her own re-election campaign. Apparently, there will be a re-election based on those payments to 28 deputies. This is fraud against the people of Panama this is not an election of Democracy! What does the Constitution say? Why has there not been a healthy debate? Because it has been rigged! The people of Panama speak United against the United self-serving government. A government of perpetual re-elections for permanent power of government as they see fit! Panama must act now, or the Panama National Assembly will proceed to do whatever they want. Panama president Cortizo three (3) unconstitutional advisors... one of them stated, ... "I can do whatever I want"... [A dictatorship]! In plain sight and published. Now... Yanibel Abrego, who does not listen to the people! Corruption must stop and must stop with the people of Panama!

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