Protected witness in Martinelli trial fears for his life

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A protected witness in the retrial of former president Ricardo Martinelli, accused of illegal wiretapping, told the court on Thursday, September  23 that he feared for his life.

Earlier the defense cross-examined the  Public Ministry expert, Luis Rivera Calle, who transcribed the audios and videos of compact discs with information on the interception of the victims' communications and the DVD with statements from the protected witness.

Ricaurte González, superior prosecutor, told the media stationed outside the facilities of the Accusatory Penal System, located in Plaza Ágora, that what was expressed by the expert Luis Rivera Calle was clear.

"He received three compact discs, made transcripts of audios and there is an element that is important, he says very clearly that they are audios of environment and telephone communications, which is what the theory of the Public Ministry has maintained, regarding which ones have been the crimes committed against the more than 150 victims of this process, "said  González.

The protected witness of the Public Ministry appeared, who was sworn in and requested protection for himself and his family,  indicating that he fears for his life. In addition, he asked that his name or voice not be disclosed and that he would only come to tell the truth about what happened in the Security Council.

The Trial Court of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama is made up of judges Iveth Francois Vega (president), Jennifer Christine Saavedra Naranjo (rapporteur) and Marysol Leyton Osorio (third Judge).

Judge Iveth Francois Vega, agreed to the request of the protected witness of the Public Ministry and decided that his image, his statements, such as his labor jurisdiction, may not be disclosed while the sentence is not final, as well as the restriction to the parties not to refer to the witness's statement before the media and anywhere else.

The hearing on Friday, September 24, will continue with the interrogation in a reserved manner, of the protected witness by the Public Ministry, who will come to disclose what he knows, about the National Security Council in 2012 -2014.






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