Probe continues into ex-ambassador’s links to Odebrecht scandal

Jaime Lasso

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The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's questioning of Jaime Lasso,  Panama’s former ambassador to South Korea, over links to the Odebrecht bribery scandal  was suspended on Thursday afternoon and will resume on Monday, February 17.

Documents of  the Lava Jato operation unveiled in 2019, to which TVN News had access show  Poseidón Enterprises LLC, linked  to Michelle Lasso, daughter of the former ambassador

Jaime Lasso, received several payments of $400,000  t through the Meinl Bank in  Antigua, which also brought together 42 other offshore accounts used by Odebrecht.

In addition, investigations carried out by the Public Prosecutor indicate that Lasso would have received at least $10 million from the Brazilian construction company, money that went into the coffers of the Panamanizta n Party through various companies.

In 2017, La Estrella de Panamá, revealed that the supposed money received by Lasso, was used for the election campaign of the former president, Juan Carlos Varela  

In a phone conversation with TVN News, at the time, Lasso denied receiving that amount of money.

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George Klk

Panama | Legitimacy of Disguised Political Underground Operations. Legitimacy after legitimacy of disguised politicians and business men and the driving force is and has always been... 1. Guatemala's Parlacen run by the Mexican underground drug operation through Panama and... 2. Brazil's Odebrecht illicit political campaign supporting an authoritarian dictatorship. 3. Panama's Constitution lack of the basic tenants of...[IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES]...FLAWED! 4. Panama prison system, a power base of information to level the playing field many times with target hits and blood. 5. Panama prison guards a complicit link to underground communication's operation.

8 months ago
George Klk

Panama | Former President Varela Links To Underground...~~~((!$$$!))~~~ Varela Facts: 1. Varela leaks indicated discussing money matters with his close associates...[PAYOFFS]!!! 2. Varela leaks indicated discussing money situations with former... Attorney General: Ken Porcel regarding a money crises with Brazil's Odebrecht / illegal association. 3. Varela business trips to China and a highly lucrative $50 million restaurant (spy headquarter?) for the supposed construction works of the Fourth Canal. 4. Varela trip justifications for lucrative discretionary spending...$7.2 million / 3 months...state funds. 5. Varela withheld $500 million project for supposed Panama, Colon renovation. 6. Varela myriads of non-transparent agreement with China...non-reimbursable cooperation. 7. Varela links to Jaime Lasso... Panama’s former ambassador to South Korea, over links to the Odebrecht bribery scandal. In 2017, La Estrella de Panamá, revealed that the supposed money received by Lasso, was used for the election campaign of the former president, Juan Carlos Varela. 8. Varela was under investigation for many corrupt crimes including... illegal associations...reluctant investigation...[IMPUNITY]!!! 9. Varela fined a complainant $500 for his accusations of...[CORRUPTION]!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH DENIED BY VARELA TO COVER HIS UNDERGROUND OPERATION! 10. Varela had an online gambling network operation and the investigation was held off by the United States...(I do not know all the details, as news is limited online)...before his tenure as Panama's new president. As a result was able to purchase a yacht with his brother. Brother may have been involved with a political party with [possible] money corruptions. 11. Varela involvement with Brazil's Odebrecht for illicit campaign funds attempted to cover for Odebrecht, a driving underground engine for previous administrations using state funds to cover campaign elections while Panama was denied basic necessities. 12. Varela may have included cleaning up corruption but stayed mum until the Verala leaks information brought him embarrassments and accused... former president Martinelli in his use of the Israeli Pegasus spy equipment. Martinelli is has now formed his illegal party despite violations to the legal articles provided by the Electoral Tribunal. Martinelli will continue his aggressive push to win an illegal campaign presidency which may include voter fraud. Panama president Cortizo does not intervene against Martinelli brutal election practices! campaign expenses.

8 months ago
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