Varela, Tokyo bound to sign $2 billion Metro 3 deal

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 PANAMA’S president, Juan Carlos Varela, will travel to Japan in April to sign a contract for the financing and project management of the construction of line 3 of the Metro.

The signing will take place April 18 in Tokyo. The project will cost an estimated $2 billion. It will consist of a 26.7-kilometer monorail with 14 stations. Construction should start in 2017.

The construction will take place at the same time as  the building of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal. That bridge will have two tracks for the Metro, which will run from Albrook to La Chorrera.

The monorail will carry up to 20,000 people an hour at peak times reports La Prensa.

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Gale Mills Phillips Mills

WOW ! This is all I can say ! Since we can't go back to the" good old days " this is a wonderful asset for Panama ! Thank you, President Varela

5 years ago

This decision must be considered a contract landmark. I believe the devil is in the details. Contracts do not work. Workers, in the final analysis, are responsible for the finished $2B product. Will supervisors and foremen be local hires (per contract) or mostly tradesmen from Japan? Workmanship will determine the quality of the build. I am hopeful the extension o the metro rail will be a model for Central / South America.

5 years ago
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