Varela opens Climate change and human trafficking conference

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President, Juan Carlos Varela inaugurated the Laudato conference at the headquarters of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), in Amador to discuss climate change and human trafficking on Monday January 21.

Based on the encyclical written three years ago by Pope Francis It was attended by  experts, authorities and representatives of the Catholic Church discussed Monday 21 January about climate change and human trafficking

The conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences , in the context of World Youth Day (WYD) .

President Varela stressed the importance of talking about Laudato in Panama, about the treatment of human beings, migrants, the fight against trafficking in human beings and how countries have the goal of achieving the Sustauinable Development Goals S (ODS) 2030.

He recalled that Panama is a strong country, but one that depends on water and the protection of the environment for its economic and social development reports La Prensa.

"Our Channel, from 2000 to 2030, will contribute nearly $40 billion to the Panamanian State, and it is the transparent, efficient use of these resources, which will allow Panama to reach the development objectives," he said.