Uber, cash and luxury cars

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Panama’s government has  given Uber another six months to accept cash payment from users

A statement from the company says the extension will expire on October 31

In the statement, the company highlights that they are working on alternatives that allow their users, who now depend on cash payment, to keep using  the Uber app.

According to an Executive Decree  signed on October 31, a period of six months was granted for the operators of the platforms (Uber and Cadyfi )  to adapt their systems and return to the collection of electronic ticket and thus eliminate the cash payment.

The decree also creates a luxury transport service offered through information and communication technologies (ICT).

The vehicles that provide the service must be in good condition, have comfort features, be registered in the list of vehicles of the technological platform, be  a maximum of 7 years old and have a maximum capacity of seven passengers.

T he service will be provided exclusively in the provinces of Panama Oeste, Panamá, Colón and Coclé, mainly for tourism promotion.


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Ramona Rhoades

Exactly what is the name of the alternate --- cabify, cadyfi, cadify?

Last year

"The vehicles that provide the service must be in good condition" Too bad the rolling wreckage that passes for taxis don't need to be in good condition...

Last year
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