Panama traffic deaths outstrip homicides

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PEOPLE  behind the wheel of a car, many wielding cell phones,  are involved in more deaths  in Panama than gun toting criminals according to the latest figures.
To date, more deaths have been recorded for traffic accidents than for homicide cases throughout the country.

Murders in Panama have declined compared to last year.
In 2015 there were  445 homicides .  and 403 fatalities due to traffic accidents.

crashIn  2016, to date, homicides total 344  and traffic deaths have reached 393   en route  to surpassing the 2015 total of  403.

[caption id="attachment_66097" align="alignright" width="300"]makeup A finishing touch before a crash[/caption]

A police source said that road misfortunes are caused by distraction at the wheel.
He said  that speeding drivers  are distracted, whether talking on the phone or texting eating, chatting,applying makeup, in the case of the ladies, or driving while tired  or under the influence of alcohol.

Marcos Aurelio Álvarez Pérez, a forensic criminologist, says  that there is an irresponsibility at the wheel, because many drivers are driving with one hand and the other is using the cell phone.
He also argued that there is a lack of traffic culture on the part of pedestrians,

"The light may be green for cars and pedestrians continue crossing  and can be thrown," he said.

They also do not make use of pedestrian bridges.

He stressed that a car is a potential weapon and anyone can get one.