Top level government appointee awaiting appeal of jail sentence resigns

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 Another controversial government appointment has been resolved with the resignation of Joseph Mercedes Brown.

Brown was one of a number of new movers and shakers introduced by comptroller, Gioconda Bianchini Torres.
Her appointment also stirred up controversy as before the election she was employed by President Ricardo Martinelli, and is now in charge of monitoring government spending.
After removing a group of long serving directors, she introduced a new slate to streamline the bureaucratic system.
Among the newcomers was Brown, made director of administration and finance.
He resigned after only eight days wehn it came out that he was involved in an investigation against property , collective security and the public trust, and had earlier been sentenced to three years in jail, but was appealing the sentence.

La Prensa revealed that Brown, who was treasurer of the municipality of Colon in 2000, was sentenced in Colon to 36 months in prison for unlawful issuance of $ 300 million in bonds for the municipality. 

Brown's lawyer appealed but the High Court confirmed the conviction. A further appeal was made to the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court which has not yet ruled on the case.

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