A Thanksgiving celebration helping kids

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By Margot Thomas

CANADIANS and friends gathering at the Wyndham Hotel in Albrook Mall on Saturday, October 7 for the annual Thanksgiving Celebration,  will also be able to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation while  assisting disadvantaged  Panamanian children.

The evening of  fine dining, entertainment  and good company will start with an open wine bar before  the ceremonial  turkey  carving by Canadian Ambassador, Karine Asseline,   at a buffet loaded with all the traditional accompaniments and surprise dishes,  including some additional alternatives  for vegetarians and a wide selection of desserts, including of course, pumpkin pie.

With your appetite satisfied, there will be good company, entertainment and dancing with a “rock back the clock” flavor.

Throughout the evening there will be the opportunity to participate in a silent auction with multiple prizes including a  Copa direct round trip flight to Toronto.

The event is organized by The CanadaPLUS Foundation, which has supporters from 26 countries. The evening’s  proceeds go to the December 2 staging of the Carols by Candlelight charity concert with funds this year earmarked for a special project for deaf children at the Hospital del Nino.

The tax deductible donation is  $65 for members of the former CanadaPLUS Club and $75 for nonmembers.

To  reserve: Call 6619-6890  or 225-3860 or email foundationcanadaplus@gmail.com

All tickets will be delivered to home or office in Panama City.

Delivery starts September 4.  Last reservations, Sep 29.



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