Speeding bus accident injures 17 passengers

802Views 2Comments Posted 19/01/2019

Seventeen passengers were injured including children  and senior citizens when a packed speeding green devil (retired former school bus) traveling from Albrook to Chepo crashed shortly before reaching its destination on Friday, January 18

The injured were transferred to a regional hospital in the area. Passengers claim that the driver was racing and  traveling at high speed since leaving Albrook.

Earier in the week a multi-vehicle accident including a bus took the life of one passenger and sent 19 to hospital.


Comments 2

LaVonda Like

Why do these bus drivers race with a bus load full of people? Passengers are never impressed by that.

7 months ago
Ancon Harpy

When did the old buses go from being called red devils to green devils? Was the bus a hybrid? ?

7 months ago
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