Sleeping Beauty and Russian Classical Ballet

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DANCERS of the Russian Classical Ballet Company arrive in Panama on Monday May 16 for a performance of the Sleeping Beauty at the Anayansi Theater in the Atlapa Convention Center, on Wednesday May 18.

The event will benefit the Foundation Valórate, and tickets are on sale from $20 from the organization and through Ticket Plus.

Sleeping Beauty is a work of classical ballet tells a story of princesses, fairies, curses, a forest and a reformation begins looking for his true love,
"It is a work marked by lyricism and romanticism, and presents a great challenge for the dancers, especially in the interpretation of the main character is Princess Aurora" says Ela Jaen, a foundation volunteer
The presentation, the company’s first in Panama will start at 7.30 pm and last approximately two hours and will involve over 30 dances. Thecompany has interpreted many ballets such as "The Nutcracker," "Cinderella," "Swan Lake", among others.
. While here they will teach a master class for young girls interested in ballet classes," says Jaen,

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