Sh*tty justice system gets the real thing

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A group of people in the Dominican Republic marked honored the celebration of Judiciary Day on Tuesday by hurling excrement at the building that houses the Supreme Court and the Attorney General.

Gabriel Sanchez spokesman of the group, who were subsequent. arrested, said that Justice in the country is "shitty" and  does not  respond to the  interests the people

The symbolic throwing of the real thing began as the building was preparing to receive guests to mark the Day of  Judicial Power, among them, the president of the country, Danilo Medina.

At the time of the incident, the chairman of the Judiciary, Mariano Germán, and the Attorney General, Jean Alain were attending mass at a nearby church.

While the protesters were arrested, Sanchez rejected suggestions that the act was vandalism: “Vandalism is impunity and corruption" that prevails in the country” he said.

Sánchez complained, among other things, that no one in the country has been arrested over the $92 million that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht admitted to having paid in bribes between 2001 and 2014. outstripping even Panama.

Seven Dominicans, including politicians and businessmen, face trial after being accused of receiving bribes, and although in 2017 detention orders were issued, none of the accused is in jail reports EFE Newsagency

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sounds like a most appropriate response to an obviously corrupt government. Panama should take a page from this playbook!

5 months ago
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