Seven dead in weekend traffic incidents

Firefighters rescue pregnant woman

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As thousands of families celebrated at the Panama  City Christmas parade on Saturday, December 15, four people died and a pregnant woman was seriously injured on the country’s highways bringing the traffic death toll for the year to 323.  Another three deaths were recorded on Sunday evening.

In  Praderas de San Antonio, a woman and her pregnant daughter, were hit by a speeding  4 x4  as they attempted to cross  a road in a residential area.

Witnesses said they have long been petitioning for traffic signal and better lighting in the area.

Firefighters had to lift the vehicle to release the pregnant woman, who was stabilized and taken hospital. In poor condition.

Paramedics tried for 40 minutes to resuscitate the other woman but she died at the scene.

On the Fernández de Córdoba road, near   the El Ingenio metro station. A 50 year- old, man was hit by a speeding car and thrown six meters ahead.

Two people died in Chiriqui road accidents. including one man riding a horse and another

three   were killed in separate accidents  in Chiriqui  on Sunday bringing the province’s highway death toll to 66

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