Sea Point developer getsgo ahead

821Views 3Comments Posted 12/10/2017

THE ON AND OFF- controversial  Sea Point construction project in Paitilla is underway once again with the revoking by the Superior Court of Justice of a decision of the Third Civil Court  that had suspended work.

The  higher court ruling, dated October 6, orders the Works and Constructions of the Mayor's Office to cancel the suspension of the Sea Point construction permit, which had been issued by an August 11 judgment after receiving an amparo of constitutional guarantees of attorney Harley Mitchell Moran.

Under the presentation of Judge Carlos Trujillo and with the endorsement of colleagues Miguel Espino and Olga Rujano, the court pointed out that Harley Mitchell Moran lacked the legitimacy to file the amparo. beMitchell Moran maintains the position that the work is built on a marine space and that the situation must be resolved, and residents ill not stop in the fight to correct it.

Meanwhile, Jorge Molina, attorney for the developer, said that the ruling "is correcting a serious judicial error "