Rush to destroy and build disturbs Sunday peace

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The government’s rush to get the mega 70 story tower on Panama’s Avenida Balboa underway has already led to demolitions teams flouting the construction noise law.

President Ricardo Martinelli has said that the building would be finished in two years, meaning it could be occupied, with a presidential office on the 62nd floor, before his term of office expires in 2014. {jathumbnail off} 

                        A peaceful Sunday on Avenida Balboa

Critics, closer to the construction business are skeptical, and point to much smaller towerson Balboa, still unfinished after four years.

However, they did not have the power of the presidency behind them.

Meanwhile, through Sunday, when noise on building projects is not allowed, three giant machines hammered away sending up clouds of dust as they demolished  the remains of the former U.S. Embassy which on two sides   abuts  the Santo Tomas Hospital.

Late morning local residents called the 

police to complain, and  at 1.15, after a visit from a patrol car the noise stopped.

A   small victory  but  with construction of the monster edifice soon to begin, there will likely be more calls, or maybe yet another law will be amended in the name of "progress".

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