Rolex bandit nabbed as drunkdriver

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The man who  dressed as a rabbi to rob a Soho Mall jewelry store of 17  Rolex watches   valued at $107,000 was  caught after a night drinking and gambling  on Wednesday, September 19  jn   Santiago, Veraguas, after a police chase  for suspected impaired  driving

Luis Chicho Fábrega  a 39-year-old, who already has a criminal record, is now behind bars in Panama city  while Public Ministry investigations are underway

The chase began after he nearly knocked down a policeman in front of a casino and ended when he rammed a taxi and was taken to Luis Chicho Fábrega hospital to have his injuries treated.

While checking his car police found a Rolex watch with labels that identify a new product.

In court  prosecutor, Gina Díaz called for his provisional detention

"The accused may face a penalty of 10 years in prison, for being an aggravated robbery in which a firearm was used."

Prosecutor Díaz presented evidence about Pérez's link to the incident, including the statement of two employees of the jewelry store, who said that on the day of the robbery he arrived dressed as a rabbi and with several bags.

after  providing  a copy of the jewelry security videos, in which Pérez is seen dressed in black and with a hat similar to the one used by rabbis  Díaz mentioned a second incident attributed to Pérez in  which  he is  investigated for the theft of cell phones at the Samsung store in Albrook Mall, on October 18, 2017, when  after tying  up staff he  stole 57 cell phones and four tablets, valued at $18,000.

The judge decided to keep him in custody, because the crime attributed to him was committed in a public area and because Pérez does not have a fixed residence.