Restaurants have weekend to adjust to no inclusive tips

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RESTAURANTS will have a weekend breathing space to adjust their billing equipment to the “no tips included” regulation which was signed into law on August 3.

Oscar Garcia, manager of  Acodeco, said Thursday August 4 that he will wait until next week for traders to adjust their equipment but pointe out that although the law appeared in the Official Gazette on August 3 it should  not be a surprise for traders, because representatives of restaurants and hotels participated in discussion at the first debate in the National Assembly.

"Therefore, in principle this should not be a surprise to anyone," he said.

He stressed  that traders must make adjustments so  that from Monday, August 8 invoices do not include  tips, otherwise they will be subject to sanctions either because they were detected by Acodeco or by complaints from citizens.

The new rule states that the tip or gratuity for the service is voluntary, so it will not be included as an additional charge.

The tip may be suggested, provided that the total is specified in the bill to pay, including taxes or fees. And it must show clearly and in differentiated manner the total bill without the tip.

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