Red flag for vacation package buyers

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PANAMA’S Consumer Protection Authority (Acadeco) has issued a warning to purchasers of  vacation packages.

Administrator Garcia Cardoze  says that they get 78 complaints a year of which  some 10 percent  become criminal investigations and  recommends that consumers should be aware of potential problems when they are purchasing such plans.

She said  that it is essential to carefully read the contract and not to give credit card information without checking the history of the company.

Most of the complaints revolve around free vacations that are actually high-pressure sales pitches to invest in time shares or other real estate deals.

Another precaution recommended by the authority is that consumers should verify the actual existence of companies that promote these packages

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not sure where you went in Panama, but in the city, I have had great times and good food, although the service could be improve, but chalk that up to lack of training

5 years ago
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