Prosecutor wants protection lifted for CD presidential candidate

Romulo Roux

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The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor 's Office is trying for the second time to get lifted the electoral shield that safeguards people running for office for the  Cambio Democrático party (CD)  president and presidential candidate who is under criminal investigation linked to the Odebreecht bribery scandal.

The prosecutor has formally submitted to the Electoral Tribunal (ET) an application for the lifting of electoral criminal protection  Rómulo Roux  According to the prosecution, Roux faces an investigation into the alleged commission of crime against the economic order and against the public administration (embezzlement).

The request was submitted in the last week of  November. The TE magistrates will have to meet to distribute the file.

On July 27, 2018, a petition was sent by the prosecutor's office and was distributed on July 30, and was filed in the office of Judge Heriberto Araúz. But in August, the TE refused to lift the electoral criminal jurisdiction to the candidate Roux

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George Klk

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