Priest suspended over homicide probe

Archbishop Ulloa

590Views 0Comments Posted 09/09/2018

A  parish priest has been separated from his post by Panama Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa after being allegedly linked to homicide two months ago.

On Sunday, September 9, Monsignor, Ulloa issued a statement stating that the priest was separated from his position as a parish priest and his duties as a presbyter.

Ulloa emphasized that the Catholic Church has not been informed that there is an accusation against the priest. "The suspension was taken for justice to carry out the pertinent investigations of the case, " he said  He assured that the church will collaborate with ordinary justice and respect for the due process, following the guidelines given by Pope Francis for these cases. The name of the priest has not been confirmed. The event in question would have happened two months ago in a hotel. The victim was taken to a hospital, where she died, reports TVN.

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