Power company orders 40 new transformers

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New transformers coming, meanwhile moderate consumption 

PANAMA’S electricity  transmission company Etesa plans  to strengthen the power grid and will change 40 transformers throughout the country.

In the meantime the  company has asked the population to moderate electricity consumption, especially air conditioners, over the next few days, due to the "fragility" of the electrical system, which still is not operating at an optimal level.

It is estimated that the new  equipment will arrive over the next two months.

The equipment is  similar to those that exploded on March 17 and March 21 that caused blackouts in Panama City, Colon and surrounding areas.

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Anything new about the company--AES--building a new gas plant being built in Colon area? They are talked about in the Visitante March 2-8 edition. This plant includes the generation plant, a re-gasifier, a gas storage tank, a dock, and truck loading station for natural gas distribution. I had previously heard that the burning of the natural gas would turn the turbines for producing electricity!

4 years ago

After years of cursory, low, or no maintenance who should be surprised that all the transformers are failing at the same time? The same situation exists with Panama bridges. A similar situation exists in the USA. Who thought these structures would last forever?

4 years ago
Michael B Lunsford

And they didn't have spares already to go - why?

4 years ago
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