Plans for 2,500 undergound parking spots

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Panama’s city council has received plans from the municipal authorities to create 2,500 underground parking spots.

Mayor Roxana Mendez hopes that this measure will solve Panama’s parking problems and enable pedestrians to walk freely on the sidewalks

The projected locatios are Francisco Arias Paredes park which faces the former Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Urraca Park, Andres Bello Park on Via Argentina and Harry Stunz Park on Calle 50 The proposal says the parks which will be used for the project, will not suffer ecological damage and only part of each park will be lost. The mayor said that after completing the construction, the parks will be improved. The mayor and the Transportation authority will hold conversations when the parking facilities are ready to ensure that drivers cannot park cars on the streets

Meetings will also be held  with the National Environmental Authority(Anam) to discuss the issue of protection of green areas.

Some 4,000 new vehicles are sold in Panama each month.

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