Panamas first heart transplant

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DOCTORS of the  Social Security Fund (CSS) performed Panama’s first successful heart transplant on Friday, March 11.

The surgical team was composed of four surgeons, including Dr. Miguel Guerra and Dr. Manuel Ochoa and was under the direction of   cardiologist Dr. Themistocles Diaz.  The intensive care specialists were Dr  Nelson Ferrer and Dr  Julio Sandoval.

Cardiovascular surgeon Miguel Guerra said  that the operation was performed on  a "young" woman  patient CSS, at  the Punta Pacific Hospital, because at the time the  CSS was short  two specialists and an  intensive care bed.

"The transplant was done with two years of  planning  and some 51 meetings.” said Guerra.

"We must not forget the great hero ... the donor, a young man who was very ill,"

The patient is in good condition and still in recovery.


November 17 is Panama’s National Day of organ donation because on that date in 1998, the  first donor transplant was performed  in Panama.

In January 2005 the first bone marrow transplant was performed, and  in March 2011 the first liver transplant on a  33 year old  patient.

Until November last there have been  674 kidney transplants, 32 liver, 150 bone marrow. and 150 cornea transplants.

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Congratulations to the Social Security Fund heart transplant team.

3 years ago
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