Panama World Cup shirts $35 cheaper in US

When charity doesn't begin at home

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THE SHIRT  that will be worn by  Panama’s World Cup soccer team  in Russia next month retails at $85 in local stores. But, it can be bought for $50 at Walmart, in the  United States.

Panama’ final qualifying victory over Costa Rica, kept the US out of this year’s tournament.

The information can be verified through the websites  of New Balance (sponsor of the Panama Team)

The disparity has made the rounds of social networks with Panamanians denouncing the high prices of the local market.

The shirt was officially presented by New Balance on April 5 and is on sale at multiple businesses

It got a critical reception as many considered its design too simple reports La Prensa.

Fake shirts
The fly-by-night"entrepreneurs" that always pop up at major events have already been at work in Panama and  Public Ministry has confiscated multiple counterfeit T-shirts that were introduced to the country and sold at prices lower than those set for the official brand.

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Sarcasm, right?

Last year
james fry

I'm shocked. shocked to find that this is going on here

Last year

Well there you go

Last year
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