Panama-Paraguay celebrate 20 years of partnership

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By Peter Tase
In 2013 Panama and Paraguay are celebrating twenty years of bilateral cooperation, which has strengthened and intensified, especially in the last five years.

 Paraguay’s friendly relations with Panama have produced tangible results such as COPA’s direct flights between Asuncion and Panama City, thanks to an agreement signed by both governments in 2007.

Panamanian police officers have received training from Paraguay’s elite police forces and military training academy.
Paraguayan authorities are highly active and constantly share valuable information and expertise with their Panamanian counterparts, especially in areas such as: hydroelectric production and its latest applied technology, bilingual training programs for the armed forces, assistance in improving performance of public health projects, education reform as well as the implementation of the best farming practices and assistance.
On the other hand, Panama City shares its successful and long experience with Asuncion, particularly in shipment and cargo management, port administration, treatment of tropical disease, financial systems reform, and social housing programs.
Bilateral cooperation program, for the next two years, was determined at the bilateral technical commission quarterly meeting held in Panama City, at the end of August, 2012.
Both countries enjoy excellent collaboration in judicial cooperation, legal assistance in trans-border crime, transfer of criminals between both countries, abolition of visa requirements and restitution of stolen cultural property.
In late 2012, the ministries of Panama and Paraguay signed an agreement that would further stimulate and promote bilateral trade.