Panama opens parking lot beneath public park

901Views 1Comments Posted 12/08/2017

PANAMA’S  first public underground parking lot, located beneath what will become a recreational green space was officially opened on Saturday, August 12 by city mayor José Isabel Blandón.

Blandón said that although the rain has not allowed the park to be 100% ready, as planned, the parking spaces can be used.

The new structure; a welcome step towards easing traffic congestion in the area, is under the Francisco Arias Paredes Park, that will also have shops, restaurants and recreation areas, where green space will merge with the city.

The $13.3  million project will be financed with the fees paid by users. Francisco Arias Paredes Park is located in front of the El Hatillo building and was conceived as a cultural plaza for family  use  It was built by Estacionamientos Unidos, which has a 20-year operating  concession for the parking lots .

Blandón told La Estrella de Panamá that all parking on the roads, around the park, will  be metered The maximum charge per minute In the underground lot, will be  four cents.

According to  data from the Transport Authority (ATTT), The number of  vehicles  in the provinces of Panama and Panama West is 925,143, some  75.7% of the national total, followed by Chiriquí with 119,174 (9.7%) and Colon with 46,652 (3.8%.)

Panama’s silver seagull award winning  Afrodisiac Group, Samy and Sandra Sandoval, and the  Kshamba Orchestra,  provided a five hour celebration concert to mark the opening.