Panama opens door to Syrian refugees

WITHIN a couple of days of Pope Francis calling on the world to open its doors to refugees, currently flooding into Europe, Panama’s  President, Juan Carlos Varela, announced that  the government is moving to receive Syrian refugees


“Panama is a caring, humane country, a noble people with big hearts. If we are asked, gladly we would be willing to open the doors. The world needs to open the door to this tragedy the product of the  war  in Syria and Iraq which makes no sense ” he said on Tuesday, September 8.

“How could we close doors to people fleeing from war and looking for better days for their  families.  We will contact the UN  immediately through Foreign Affairs  to help in any way we can, “said Varela.

Currently the European Union is discussing how they can divide mandatory quotas of Syrian refugees. Chile has also announced that it is ready to receive refugees.

According to the UN agency for refugees (UNHCR), the war in Syria forced the exodus  of more than 3.8 million p, and 7.6 million are  displaced within the country’s borders