Panama Commerce Minister resigns

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PANAMA’S MINISTER of Trade and Industry, Meliton Arrocha, announced   on  Telemetro on Monday Nov. 9, that  he submitted his formal resignation to President Juan Carlos Varela over a month ago.

However, he said, he will remain at the ministry until year end, in a process of transition.

Arrocha  was elected deputy of the circuit 8-8 in May 2014  but so far has not exercised that office after Varela appointed him minister in July last year.

He said he will enter the National Assembly in January when the next legislative session begins. He resigned on October 4.

He said he has no differences with the president and: "In the Assembly I will defend in the Government’s position." Juan Moya, alternate deputy for Arrocha, had occupied the Assembly  seat during his absence.

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