Panama bound GM salmon eggs will stay in Canada

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The leader of the P.E.I. (Canada)  Green,  party says he is concerned about the “regulatory acrobatics” that has led to the approval of a controversial facility that plans to grow genetically modified salmon in Prince Edward Island instead of Panama/

Last month, the provincial government approved an application by AquaBounty Canada Inc. to expand its current facility in Rollo Bay by building two 40,000-square foot structures where the company will rear AquaAdvantage salmon, a sterile genetically modified salmon, from eyed egg to market size  says a Toronto Star report.

Many were surprised by the application, as the company originally said its plans would only involve producing the salmon eggs in P.E.I. and then shipping them to Panama to grow to full size. They were to be processed into fillets in Panama and then sent back to Canada for sale.

Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker says the fact this change in plans did not require a whole new environmental assessment is a case of “regulatory acrobatics.”

Bevan-Baker says he is also concerned about the amount of taxpayer money that has been handed to the company.

Bevan-Baker says he believes the company is large enough to fund its own operations.

“The fact that government is willing to give so much taxpayers’ dollars to something which, I have instinctive concerns about, is troubling,” Bevan-Baker said.

“The money behind this organization is considerable. And it’s my personal opinion that they should be able to fund all R&D without any public funds being put in there.”

He says he has heard from a number of nearby residents who have concerns about the facility, notably about the pre-existing deep-water wells the company acquired when it purchased the property in Rollo Bay.

Environmental advocacy groups from across Canada were in P.E.I. last week and called on Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to halt the development of the AquaBounty facility until more study and consultation has been held on the environmental and ethical concerns involved in growing genetically modified animals.

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What I understand from article is the fish were to be transported to Panama for growing and filleting and then shipped back, not for consumption here. I also understand that they cannot breed as they are sterile. Wonder what is the environmental concerns in growing the fish ... can't see them doing any harm but I'm not a scientist. Processing in Panama would create jobs but don't understand how it is even cost effective for the Canadian market. It's a strange proposal, to be sure, with lots of questions.

3 years ago

Well not said but i hipe the panama goverment put a stop to them being here .as we know both the GMO fish and corn were a product of the last goverment which happens to being investagated for bribes . I read Costa Rica is going after their minister that oked GMO corn the same time Panama did for accepting bribes . The goverment needs to stop this as many of the old farmer neither read nor write so yhey believe what yhe seed salesman says . And ypu can bet nothing about the superweeds that are now appearing nor the ill health affects of long term GMO use is . If this goverment really are for the people of Panama then this needs to be outlawed

3 years ago
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