Panama Bay conservation plan stalled

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THE MINISTRY of the Environment, tasked  in 1915 with creating a conservation plan for  the wetlands of the Bay of Panama,  has come up short.

It was told to produce the plan in a period "not exceeding two years,"

Currently, the ministry  has less than three months to finish the plan, and, officials confirmed that the document will not be finished reports La Prensa.

The management plan which extend from Juan Díaz to Chimán, will not be ready at the beginning of 2017 as established by law.

Marisol Dimas, head of the ministry's Department of Management of Protected Areas, said that the start of the preparation of the management plan is subject to the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Health.

Dimas said that the sources of funding for the management plan are the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Development Bank of Latin America.

Among the projects to be developed within the wildlife refuge are the construction of three surveillance centers, a visitor center and an observation center, which will allow people to view migratory birds.

There are also plans for a trail with signs.

The plan will also focus on conservation efforts in the area around the bay.

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