OPINION: Troops vs desperate migrants?

With uncertainty, despair, and supplications. This is how the caravan of Honduran migrants waits in Mexico, with the intention of continuing to the United States. They are at least-4, 500 souls fleeing violence, lack of opportunities and hunger. The Mexican authorities have given priority to women and children to solve the immigration procedures after Guatemala demolished its barrier and left the border crossing completely open. Now the responsibility to stop the march was on the Mexican side, on a border that has become a gigantic shelter.

It is one of the most dramatic migratory crises in recent years in Central America. What will happen now? In a barrage of tweets and in line with jis rhetoric of criminalizing immigrants, the US president threatened to mobilize his troops to the southern border and cut off all aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

It is urgent to ensure the rights of each of these migrants. The caravan is not a group that can be expelled collectively and the authorities must attend to each individual as such. Although it is a movement of people, each asylum application must be examined separately. And because these cases do not happen by chance, attend to the factors that lead these people to escape from their country, at whatever cost. All eyes are on what will happen now. – LA PRENSA,  Oct. 21