OPINION: The  Real Roots of Migration

The signing of the Global Compact for Safe, Ordered and Regular Migration has raised winds of xenophobia and generated debates anchored in ignorance and prejudice. Although it is not binding, this pact seeks to address the problem of migration in an integral manner. And perhaps this is the best moment for the world to recognize that the real problem is not the migrants, but the failed states, with corrupt governments or hyper-violent societies that are the cause of the massive migration of their citizens. If the true roots of this phenomenon are not addressed, countries will be overwhelmed by migrants and refugees beyond their capabilities. This is the case of Panama because our country – like much of the region – has had a complacent foreign policy with dictatorships and corrupt governments that have caused waves of migrants fleeing to countries like ours in search of a better future. Let’s not blame those who try to recover their lives in more tolerant societies, but those who cause terror and steal the dreams of their fellow citizens. They the problem that nobody seems to want to solve, be it in Syria, Venezuela or Nicaragua. – LA PRENSA. Dec 11