OPINION: Supreme Court tragicomedy

Playing the health card

With the two new appeals filed by Ricardo Martinelli’s defense, it seems like a repetition of a tragicomedy, in which the theater is the Supreme Court of Justice, and the actors interpret the same script. The wiretapping case continues to be dilated by medical excuses and demands of protections of guarantees that pursue the same purpose: to delay the trial of a scandal that the country needs to know the truth about.  It is time for the plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice to act with determination against the abuse of the right of defense, which abounds in cases such as the wiretapping.. The essence of the accusatory criminal system is fast and transparent justice. There was never an expectation that public opinion would be a witness, to more of the same, that occurs in ordinary justice, repeating itself in our top court. Justice implies respect for the guarantees of the accused, but not the mockery of the canons of the reason and the spirit of the law … LA PRENSAJul.26.