OPINION: Panama tourism in tech age

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New technological change and innovative business models confront state regulators with the reality of a dynamic economy.

The Tourism Authority of Panama has the challenge of establishing a viable framework for accommodation digital platforms for tourists planning to visit our country.

As with the Transportation Authority, the tourism entity is still linked to the sector that traditionally dominated the market. What is at stake is not only determining the rules so that new actors make our tourism more competitive, it can also eliminate another barrier to entrepreneurship and creativity. Let's not be slaves chained to the past … La Prensa, Feb 17.

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A La Prensa article framed during the height of Carnival celebrations by the look of it or Newsroom proof readers still on holiday. How can this rubbish get into print.

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Ramona Rhoades

Looking at this picture reminds me of 12 years ago when we were flirting with the idea of buying one of the "shells" in CV. We were recalling what happened to Georgetown in Washington, DC when we lived in. It quickly went from a rundown, crime ridden, place you wanted to get through as quickly as possible between the bridge to Virginia and the REAL DC, to the very upscale, very rich neighborhood it became. Then when it was time to make a decision we recalled the traffic, congestion (people and traffic), very expensive place it became. We looked at the access to CV -- basically one street in, one street out. We envisioned thousands of tourists that would be lured there once the gentrification spread through the little peninsula. We saw us trapped there because it would be a hassle to get to and from anywhere else. We hear the stories of those who did buy there dealing with the shoddy workmanship. So glad we did not

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Meaningless dribble!

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